Julep Strainer


What ??? You don't use a julep strainer in the making of a mint julep ???
Why is it called a Julep Strainer ???
Back in the 1800's ice became an ingredient that bartenders used. Mr. Joe Anybody could go down to the local pub and get a cold drink. During the summer, the mint julep was the most famous and ask for drink.
Sadly the Dentist was not as popular and a lot harder to find. While taking a drink , the ice would slide down and touch the imbiber's teeth. aaaaAAAOUCH
We do not know who, but it was likely the ingenuity of a Bartender that came up with the julep strainer to lay over the ice in the drink to keep the ice away from the imbibers teeth. Now a days the julep strainer is used to strain a drink that has been stirred in a mixing glass.

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Julep Strainer in mixing glass and I use cold olive's.
Think about it. You pour your gin ( I love North Shore's - Distiller’s Gin No. 6- but more about that later) and vermouth over ice in your mixing glass , stirring 20 to 30 times with your bar spoon. Now your liquid is cold and you have the correct amount of ice meltage. You get a chilled cocktail glass. Now you are not going to waste all that effort with hot olive's are you. Use cold olive's