Your Spirit Adviser
Bruce Tomlinson, BARTENDER
C.E.O. - Chief Entertaining Officer 


P.O. Box 47636
Indianapolis, IN 46247


WorldWideDrinks promotes the Beverage Arts.
Starting from the glamorous classics to the new exciting drinks that make you thirsty just thinking about them.

Using the best part of the past to the cutting edge of the future. This is the place to keep you informed about the cocktail culture by our Master Bartender of 30 years Bruce Tomlinson and other Master Bartenders who take pride in their craft.

I insist on only using fresh, seasonal ingredients. ďA Cocktail should be a culinary experience. An experience in which you use all five senses. Seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting and hearing. You need to be fresh, you need to have quality, you need to have the historic component and always, I repeat, and always place a premium on customer service".

WorldWideDrinks takes its Social Responsibility seriously and ask you to drink in moderation. Do NOT drink and drive.


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