I Found a great Stout

What's going on Bruce, You're a Cocktail guy ???

I also made my own homebrew for years. Why, Because I had to!! Back then you could count the number of decent beer's with one thumb and a couple of fingers. Now with the plethora of Micro Brews. I can find a good brew just about anywhere.

Now, about that Stout

I was on my way from Indianapolis to Atlanta GA. with a good friend Jefferson "Jeff" Floyd. Because of a few reasons we did not start till late in the day. Instead of driving straight through we stopped over in Nashville TN. We decided that instead of seeing the night life we would stop at a liquor store, so we could get an early start the next day. When I am away from home I make it a priority to see if I can pick something up that I can't get at home and I can't live with out. Plus I always have my traveling Bartending tools with me. As I am looking in the liquor section. I hear Jeff yell , Bruce come here. I could tell it was a happy yell. In his hand is a bottle of Jefferson's Reserve. It is a Bourbon Barrel Stout. I'm a big stout fan. Jeff not so much, but he definitely liked the name. This stout turned out better than expected. If you like stouts. Then I could with confidence recommend this to you. It's dark black with a creamy head and thick like I like it. It is extremely drinkable.
It is made by the Louisville brew master David Pierce at the Bluegrass Brewing Co. It is proud to be the largest micro brewery located in the state of Kentucky.

Bruce Tomlinson



This next beer I want to recommend. I had after I returned to Indianapolis.
Besides being a bartender. I am in the real estate game. Me and my partner Dorn do it all. Wholesale, Flippers, Short sale, Sub to, Rent to own, Rehab, rentals. If the numbers work. We do it. THERE IS NO BOX…….
An old friend that I tended bar with 25 years ago Taylor Wilson ask me for some advice about what to do about a house he is inheriting. So Dorn and I went over and spent 2 to 3 hours giving him different options and what we think he should do. Now for the fun part. After we were done we went to one of Taylor’s hang outs. The Ale Emporium. It’s one of those great pub’s that have a gazillion different beers. Personally I like a good full flavored beer. As I am walking along what looks like a 50 foot long bar with a set of taps every few feet. I spotted one that I knew I had to try. On the right side of the tab it said Three Floyd’s . I laughed out loud and ask the bartender Kristen for one. I don’t know if I was extra thirsty or what? But after that first one I looked at Dorn, Taylor had not shown up yet, and said this beer is scary, it went down way to easy. Time to order food, because I wanted more of that beer.
We ask for menu’s and Kristen ask me if I wanted another “Robert the Bruce”. I said Kristen, I’m drinking the Three Floyd’s. She said no Bruce (she had my c-card so she knew my name) that’s who makes it. The ale is named Robert the Bruce. Of course I said thank you, yes I will have one. Because of my never ending (nosey) quest for information. I had to walk down the bar and take a second gander at that beer tap. Low and behold on the left side of the tap it said Robert The Bruce . I like this Ale........................

Here it is the next day. So I decided to do a little research. I found that the Three Floyd’s Brewery started in Hammond Indiana in 1996. Because of growing pains it moved to Munster, Indiana. Two of my favorite things. Entrepreneur’s and Beer. So here is my suggestion. Do a Google search to find a micro brewery in your area and do what you can to support them. As long as their brew is good !!!!!!

Bruce Tomlinson

A full bodied Scottish-style ale with a well rounded malty profile of roasted and caramel notes. 6.5% ABV, 35 IBUs