Bing   Bing   Bing
The modern maraschino cherry are Royal Ann cherries soaked in a lye mixture in order to drain them of all color and all flavor. Then marinated in a sugar syrup that is flavored with almond (usually artificial) as well as a bright red artificial color.(Yuck) Before people started using these pieces of &#%*  they were originally not much more than just brandied marasca cherries. So lets take a lesson from the past.

Bing cherry season is about over. Get your butt down to your produce department and get a couple bags before it is to late.
Before you do you will need a Cherry stoner. I picked one up at a restaurant supply store.
Give your cherries a little bath and let them wait patiently in a colander. For today I used 3 glass jars. Cherry juice and nice clothes do not like each other. Put on something you do not care about having a few permanent red dots. Then let the stoning begin. Place cherry in the stoner with the stem down and squeeze.
Future Worlds highest paid Hand Model
Each time you stone a cherry, push the spent stone and stem to the side. This process keeps you from thinking the stone came out, when it did not. (No one wants to bite down on a cherry from their drink that still has a stone in it.)
Worlds Greatest Hand Model
Now that you have your jar full, pick up the jar with one hand. Then smack it down on your other hand and you will compact the cherries and make room for more. This is good for a couple reasons. You get more cherries in the jar and you use less booze.
Worlds Greatest Hand Model
After I filled three jars with cherries I poured a different spirit in each jar.
In one jar I put Luxardo Maraschino Originale. In the second jar I put Bulleit Bourbon. In the third jar I added Old Overholt Rye whiskey.

These three are now sitting in my refrigerator.
I plan on doing a few more jars in the next week. I know I want to use Makers Mark and Laird's Apple Jack.  I need to make a trip to the liquor store a see what bottles yell, Pick me - Pick me!!!
If you have never done this before, I want to let you know that these cherries are unbelievably good.   You will never want one of those glow in the dark, horridly awful, artificially colored cherry's in your Manhattan again.

Bruce Tomlinson