2 parts VODKA, 1 part SCIENCE
Bars are serving up cocktails with a twist using molecular gastronomy
By Sheela Narayanan   - August 09, 2008

Italian Sodas? Tutto Bene!

By ERIC FELTEN August 9, 2008; Gun control is long overdue, at least when it comes to the cocktail bar.

Behind the Glass     
August 10, 2008
Honolulu’s bar scene is changing. Meet the people responsible for the transformation.

Bartending competition salutes D.C.'s original cocktail

The Gin Rickey, named after 19th century lobbyist, Col. Joe Rickey, the old fashioned drink took on a modern edge as the bartenders used unconventional ingredients to try to woo the five-member panel of judges.

New bottle cap thwarts wine counterfeiters
Argonne National Laboratory have created a device to ensure that modern wine connoisseurs can have faith that they are drinking what they pay for.

Queenstown cocktail maestro Dan Miles
Head barman at exclusive Eichardt’s Private Hotel, is consolidating his reputation as one of the best barmen in the country.

Your Bon Vivant Is Showing: Cocktail Ambassadors Mixology Classes
By Brian Bernbaum - Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 09:00:00 AM
Part happy hour, part educational workshop, Cocktail Ambassadors' "edutainment" mixology classes certainly take their booze seriously, which isn't to say there's not a fair amount of actual drinking involved. ...

Events & Seminars at - The Museum of the American Cocktail

Shake, Battle, and Pour
David Tamarkin Originally Published August 2008
Four contestants have made it to the finals of the annual competition sponsored by the United States Bartenders’ Guild. Who will be mix-master, and who will mess up?

HOW'S YOUR DRINK? Classicists vs. Bar Chefs
By ERIC FELTEN July 26, 2008
Two schools are vying for pre-eminence in the world of high-end drinks: The classicists, who strive to perfect the canonical cocktails; and the culinary "bar chefs," who wish to elevate drinks-mixing from quotidian craft to an art on par with haute cuisine.

The Sipping News: Gary Regan honored
Chronicle Staff Report Friday, July 25, 2008
At the sold-out Tales of the Cocktail Spirits Awards in New Orleans, where 350 gathered to celebrate, Gary Regan, The Chronicle's cocktail columnist, was honored with an award for Best Cocktail Writing. Regan beat out five other nominees.

Melbourne Bar Wins Best Cocktail List at US Festival
By Rebecca Harris Friday July 25, 2008
A Melbourne bar has gained international recognition after taking out the award for the Best Cocktail List in the World at the 2008 Spirit Awards.
1806 bar took home the coveted award at the New Orleans Tales of the Cocktail festival on Saturday.

UK crew mix it up
published: Thursday | July 24, 2008
Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore, Staff Reporter
Bartenders Rich Hunt, Paul Mant and Bruce Hamilton, were the three finalists from the United Kingdom out of 50 hand-picked bartenders to visit the island for the final showdown.

Punch and Judy
The Washington Post, July 23, 2008
This bright, refreshing and complex drink was the official cocktail of this year's Tales of the Cocktail conference, held recently in New Orleans.

New Orleans exalts the art of the cocktail
Kathy Finn, Reuters Published: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Ted Haigh was fascinated by Hollywood's portrayal of cocktail culture even when he was well shy of legal drinking age.
Museum of the American Cocktail opens at Riverwalk Martketplace
The Times-Picayune July 20, 2008 4:00AM Kathy Anderson / The Times-Picayune
The Museum of the American Cocktail will open Monday, July 21, with the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.
The Museum of the American Cocktail, reopening Monday for the first time since the storm, got its start as an aggressive housecleaning experiment.
Apprentice program debuts at Tales of the Cocktail
Posted by Judy Walker, Food editor, The Times-Picayune July 19, 2008 1:23PM
Some of the hardest-working people at Tales of the Cocktail are 18 young people who were chosen to participate as bartender apprentices during the festival. Founder Ann Tunnerman said each was selected based on their cocktail and culinary background and knowledge. { Bruce Tomlinson would like to add that Chris Hannah of Arnaud's in NOLA is a good man for helping out and letting apprentice be attached to his name. Clearly he is a master Mixologist.}
'The Falling Water' - Rube Goldberg Cocktail Makers [video]
Cocktail Renaissance
Radio intervieu with Dale Degroff, Ted Haigh and H. Ehrmann.

You now need to go to the Audio Archive. Hurry, and down load it. They might not keep it up for long.

Vintage Bar Books
Are you a Cocktail Geek like me? Do you seek out late 19th early 20th century drink recipe books? I know I have a small fortune invested in my library. I have great news. Next week, some of the rarest and most highly sought-after titles - many of them have been out of print for more than a century - are being put back in circulation by Greg Boehm, a New York publisher and collector bringing a little 19th century know how into the 21st century bar. Boehm is the publisher of Mud Puddle Books and can be reached at http://www.cocktailkingdom.com/ .
Yes, I consider this big important news.