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Parisian (French) Shaker



French Shaker   Parisian Shaker
Yes I like and recommend this shaker.

This French Shaker is 2 pieces. Each piece has only one opening. The top section slides into the bottom section.
Unlike a Cobbler Shaker(I am not a cobbler shaker fan) the Parisian shaker does NOT have a small lid{that gets lost}with a built in (to small) strainer. You will want to use a Hawthorne strainer. I keep a couple of these shakers at work and a couple at home. This shaker is good for home to let someone else make a drink and not worry about the spillage during the separating after the shake, unlike a boston shaker in the hands of a novice. When it comes to speed at work. I still lean towards the Boston Shaker. Of course that could be because that is what I used for 29 years till Robert Hess gave me my first Parisian Shaker.

KegWorks has one for $15.00 a good price.

Bruce Tomlinson


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