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If I ever get caught in a flood. All I will need to do is strap all my muddlers together and I would have a raft that could hold me and two or three of my Caipirinha drinking friends.
These days all I use is "PUG! Muddlers" The rest are in a box collecting dust. Pug! Muddler's are besides being extremely efficient, they look like works of art.
Chris Gallagher is the man behind the Pug! Muddler. Chris spent a lot of his time making one-of-a-kind wooden forms, produced on a lathe, that he sold through galleries in Cold Spring, NY and Greenwich, CT. His interest in bartending was furthered by his friendship with the Regans (Gary and Marde, of Ardent Spirits). Chris informed me that there is not a more inspirational couple in his small town of Cornwall-on-Hudson than those two illustrious and liquid authorities. Naturally, when Gary began his Cocktails in the Country seminars he had to take part. That was in 2004 and that’s the first time Chris had gotten a good look at the bartender’s arsenal of tools, including the muddler. The tool he had been given to work with, in his mind, needed improvement. Within a few days he had Gary working with a custom muddler. After consulting with Gary and Marde and making very few changes to the form, he had the classic PUG! Muddler, which today has its own patented design. PUG, an acronym for "Pick Up Gallagher’s," seemed to fit the product and, coincidentally, was exactly what had been printed on some vintage bar tools that Chris had come across several years ago in Troy, NY. Some of the most well known mixologists have included PUG! Muddlers among their favored bartending tools (Audrey Saunders, David Wondrich, Dale Degroff, Ted Haigh and Robert Hess to name just a few). Audrey and others have also chosen to exclusively use PUG! Muddlers at their establishments. The brand also gained some notoriety with mention in publications such as Food and Wine, Cheers, Wine and Spirits, and a full page feature in the Sept/Oct. 06’ issue of Imbibe.

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Pug Muddler

The Pug! Muddler

Chris offers different Hard Woods to choose from.



Bruce Tomlinson

Pug Muddler - Pug Muddler - Pug Muddler - Pug Muddler - Pug Muddler - Pug Muddler