Sonja Kassebaum owner of North Shore Distillery


Back in April I had the sheer delight of meeting Sonja Kassebaum. Sonja and her husband Derek are the owners of North Shore Distillery. Sonja also has a blog, Thinking of Drinking. Sonja found this site and sent me an e-mail to let me know she was going to be in Indianapolis to do a little ballyhooing for her products... North Shore Distillery was unknown to me. After a little research I found that it is a small artisanal distillery in the Chicago area producing unique flavored spirits that provide modern connoisseurs with an unparalleled taste experience. At least that is what I read on their website. Well to my happy surprise, their stuff is good. Real Good. Sonja was in town for a few days. The first time I meet her in person was at a liquor store that is known for carrying hard to find brands. She was doing a tasting. I bought one of everything. Need I say more? A couple days later we went out and had a couple drinks. I am glad to say that I now count Sonja as one of my friends. If you ever run across some of North Shore's products. Give it a try. You will be glad you did.

Sonja KassebaumSonja Kassebaum and Bruce Tomlinson       

Bruce Tomlinson